Wonderful Words #4

These do not necessarily share a theme, but are great words nonetheless.


1. the use of beams instead of arches or vaulting in construction; trabeate, adj.


1. golden, gold-colored; resplendent.


Wonderful Words #2

Mining is the theme of the day! Both of these words have given me some inspiration, and I hope they do the same for you.


1. rock or mineral matter of no value occurring with the metallic ore n a vein or deposit.


(noun) 1. any excavation made in a mine, especially from a steeply inclined vein, to remove the ore that has been rendered accessible by the shafts and drifts.; verb (used with or without object). stoped, stoping. 2. to mine or work by stopes.

All definitions are courtesy of Dictionary.com.

Wonderful Words #1

Occasionally, curiosity leads me on safari through the dictionary in search of new and marvelous words. The only problem is that there are so many that are underutilized or almost completely forgotten in today’s society, so I have to be sparing if and when I use them in my own writing. I figured I would post the occasional gems here when I find them, in the hopes that others might find them useful, inspiring, or simply entertaining!

Today’s have a medieval, religious tone to them, which may be useful if you’re writing fantasy.


1. Also, baudekin. Textiles. a silk brocade interwoven with gold or silver threads, used chiefly for ceremonial purposes.; 2. Architecture. a permanent ornamental canopy, as above a freestanding altar or throne.; 3. a portable canopy carried in religious processions.


1. a room in a monastery set apart for those monks permitted relaxation of the monastic rule.; 2. Also, subsellium. a small projection on the underside of a hinged seat of a church stall, which, when the seat is lifted, gives support to a person standing in the stall.; 3. a medieval dagger, used for the mercy stroke to a wounded foe.

All definitions are courtesy of Dictionary.com.