[Short Story] The Long Shadow

I hesitated for months about posting this because I want to do something with the concept and didn’t want to ruin my chances for publication… until I realized I am more interested in self-publication for short stories and this particular iteration needs a lot of work before I get even to that point. If it hadn’t been written for a contest, this story would have been about three times its current length. Even after writing it with the 2500-word limit in mind, I had to chop off 400 words. I have my opinions concerning its quality, but I’ll let you decide. 

The Long Shadow

Samarkin raised a fist, squinting through his blackout goggles at the dust cloud hanging off his stern over the Uzur Desert. His first mate Sitara shut off the ship’s thruster and bowsed up its single sail against the howling gusts, casting the vessel into mechanical silence. The winds of a coming storm screamed over the dunes, punctuated by the metallic clinks of the rig resting its tired parts.

“See a sail yet?” Samarkin asked.

“Should soon, Sir, according to the heat index,” Sitara said in her robotic monotone, rolling over the deck on her treads. Continue reading


[Short Story] Mr. Red-Suit

I took a creative writing class in freshman year of college, and while I can’t say that I learned a great deal from it, it did force me to write out of my comfort zone. The following is the story I wrote for my final project. It is not autobiographical.

Mr. Red-Suit

An array of burgundies, midnight blues, holly greens, and virgin whites were scattered like holiday confetti throughout the church. Every type of person, bald newborns to balding seniors, was gathered for the festivities. Despite their overwhelming presence, it was obvious to me that something was missing.

Where was Mr. Red-Suit? Continue reading