About Me

I am myriad things: a jogger, a historian, a lover of soundtracks, the girl who can be seen laughing for no apparent reason by herself as she walks down the street. I’m a freelance editor learning the business of financial planning. Before everything, however, I am a writer. I have always been a weaver of tales. As a wee tot I forced my mother to endure hours of listening to soft music while I told stories of princesses and car chases and saving the day; Barbies and Hot Wheels toys often served as the characters for the live enactments of what played out so clearly in my head.

So that means I must have been an incredible writer all my life, too! Nope. No. Not at all. I’m still embarrassed to read what I’ve written in the past. Sometimes that means yesterday.

The beauty of writing, however, is that it’s an art, and while some are born with talent, it is, at least partially, a skill that can be nurtured. Ergo this site, which is intended not only to showcase my writing–from the brilliant to the brain-dead–but to help me grow from a common English-speaker to an accomplished wordsmith. Whether I ever achieve such a standard is left to your discretion, but as storytelling is in my blood, I can do nothing but continue writing regardless of the results.