NaNo19 Day 9: Balance

It’s getting late, and I have reached my goal for the day, another 10k. In fact, I inadvertently stopped at just three words over what I wrote yesterday, and that brings me up to about 111.5k in total for November.

Today was a fantastic day. I woke up refreshed, took the dog out, and discovered that the rain in the night had brought in a breezy, cool, and dry morning. It was so comfortable that it instantly set me in a good mood. I wrote a little bit, then headed to my violin lesson, which went well. Upon returning home, I shut off the A/C and opened all the windows I could, put on my jazzy/soft music, and set to work cleaning around the house, stopping now and then to get a few words in.

I got enough in to feel comfortable going to dinner with my mom, which we had alfresco at a local oyster bar on the water. When I got home, I played guitar a bit, then cruised the forums, and finally finished up the remaining 2k words or so I had left to do. The story is going well, and tomorrow I get to write about an attempted assassination and the epic rescue that foils it, a scene I’ve long wanted to write. Then all my characters start marching toward the battle that concludes this book.

I’ve stayed up way too late, but tomorrow promises to be another good day, as I’ll get to spend it with my niece and nephew. They’re both fifteen (twins), and I haven’t seen them for a few weeks, and I miss them. Because I’ll be with them for a good chunk of the day, my goal is going to be 10k again–I’ve kind of unofficially made that my minimum daily goal for the month–but I’m not going to beat myself up to get to it. That is, after all, the point of this weekend’s personal challenge: to find balance in my life and my writing, in family and work, in tasks and leisure. It’s nice that it’s working out so well.

Happy wording everyone!

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