Camp NaNo18: Day 13

I have to stop these late nights. They’re already running me ragged.

By some miracle, I managed to write 3,184 words today after doing way, way too much dawdling on Pinterest and researching more geometry. That gives me 43,533 words in total and a terrible backache, but the writing has been done. The goal is to hit 50k by the end of the weekend, and possibly surge beyond it. (I keep referencing this yet-to-be-seen writing burst. Anyone know where I can buy one?)

Today’s brainstorming was all about worldbuilding. I feel like I made breakthroughs as much with my brainstorming process itself today as I did with the story content. For the first time in my writing practice, the context of my world’s natural laws informed the communal perspective and universal experience, which informed the culture and its traditions. Which, of course, informs everything else: education, technology, government, food, hygiene, religion, social construction, foreign trade and politics, transportation, etc.

I have a long way to go before I fully understand this fantasy world, but for the first time, it feels like a place unto itself. That’s far better than the lazy method I’ve been using: dropping characters with 21st-century American ideals into a bland and generic setting with weird names and a few physics-defying quirks. So many YA fantasy books do that, and they frustrate me. The fact that I can think of three such bestsellers right off the top of my head makes me even more frustrated. I want the world to be interesting. The characters should be designed in the context of said world, not just plopped on it like it’s a low-budget movie set.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I think, for productivity (and hopefully for reasonable bedtimes). Until then, may your writing be easy, compelling, and, most of all, enjoyable!


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