Camp NaNo18: Day 12

Today was an interesting day, but I still managed to write 4,118 words, my current best day for the month. That brings my Camp total, at long last, to 40,349. The 30Ks seemed to last for ages, even though I guess they really didn’t. I’m still ahead for the 100K, if not by much.

So, what was unusual about today? I started by waking up at 5:45am with a gasping start, which immediately devolved into a work-related panic attack that didn’t stop afflicting me until much later in the afternoon. After returning home from work and guitar lessons at about 8pm, I started brainstorming.

Not even 1000 words into writing, I had a thought. Let me tell you, thoughts are dangerous things. I ended up on a forty-five-minute chase across the internet, skimming and learning as much as I could about… logarithmic geometry.

As crazy as it might sound, my foray into the world of mathematics actually provided me my biggest aha! moment thus far this Camp. In fact, I have a list of geometry and physics books I will pick up during my next visit to the library to better brush up on the stuff, and after gushing about my breakthrough (as that’s what it was) to my dad, he kindly offered me access to a couple of his own books on the subject at hand (he has an engineer’s mind–and library).

What could have been a bad day became a good one. Writing is a powerful tool, with the magical ability to raise the spirit. It’s a chance to spend time creating instead of maintaining the status quo or doing damage control. It’s a time to strive for our full potential and contribute to the world what only each of us alone can contribute: our wonderful, incomparable selves.

Happy writing!


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