NaNoWriMo17: Day 30

*throws streamers* *shoots off fireworks* *releases doves* *reconsiders the intelligence of mixing doves with fireworks*


I hope you all managed to write that at the bottom of your document today, but if not, keep going and make it happen! We survived, everyone! (At least, I assume you did, if you’re reading this.) NaNo17–for better or worse–is over!

My NaNo17 grand total: 506,605 words.

The half million has been vanquished. What a run. I wrote 6k this morning before work, and the remaining 4k I needed to reach 500k I really dragged my feet on this evening. I validated at exactly 500k (my 500,000th word was “accomplish”), and then just wandered the forums. Then suddenly in the last two hours, I couldn’t stand it and decided 506,605 was the number to get. I was shaking like crazy in the last three minutes, so worried I wouldn’t reach it, and the shaking made me type even more slowly–but I did it! I wrote the last word 20 seconds before midnight. Novel #5, Sky Lords, is not yet finished, though I didn’t expect it to be, so that’s cool–I’m getting into the harrowing rise to the climax, so I know there isn’t more than maybe 15-20k remaining in the story.

Now for some nerdy statistics. Because I’m a nerd, that’s why.

  • Total words written: 506,605 (New Record)
  • Most words in a day: 30,125 (11/4) (NR)
  • Fewest words in a day: 6,179 (11/18)
  • Daily average: 16,886 (NR)
  • Number of words past original goal (500,000): 6,605
  • Number of words past previous best (425,524): 81,081
  • NaNo Lifetime word count: 1,921,735
  • Number of projects: 6 (4 completed novels, 1 incomplete novel, 1 complete short story)
  • Total MC/SC deaths: 2
  • Cried for characters: 6 times
  • First word/last word: I (in dialogue)/voice
  • Ranking on Beyond 50k NaNo Faces: 4th
  • Average daily sleep: 5 hours
  • Strangest writing place: In a corner of a full, busy house, dictating quietly into my phone
  • Painkiller of choice: Aleve
  • Weight lost: 4.5 lbs.


Just like that, it’s December! My writing goals, of course, will be diminished in the coming days–I would like to finish Sky Lords within the next two weeks, definitely before Christmas. I will also be getting back to editing Cursed Book 1 and hope to have the first round of edits finished by February 11.

As a side note–I feel silly not having thought of this sooner–but you can add me as a buddy on the NaNo site if you want, even though it’s over for the year. I can guarantee I’ll be there next year!

Let us revel in our victory!


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