NaNoWriMo17: Day 29


People, we have one day–I repeat, ONE DAY–left of NaNo. I’m not sure whether to laugh like a maniac or sob inconsolably.

After writing 20,102 (a beautiful and unintended palindrome!) today in spite of a full day at work, I’m up to 490k and some change. I know, it’s so tantalizingly close to 500k! You can’t imagine how many arguments I had with myself today on whether or not 30k was in the mix. (Obviously no. Self, you crazy.) I was actually blowing myself away with my own typing speed today: I was keeping a consistent 70+wpm speed over the course of 4 hours. It was insane. Tonight’s 15-minute word wars were slamming my usual 800-900 words into the dust, and I was routinely averaging between 1050-1200.

This story has actually been easy to write. (Thus far. That might change tomorrow.) There aren’t a lot of moving parts in it, which is a bit different from my normal stories, but because it’s a pantsed project, I know I’ll rewrite it anyway, so there is zero pressure to get the story perfect. Consequently, I’m having a blast with it. Crazy cannibal boy-king was introduced today (the last chapter I wrote), and I’m on the verge of the rising action, so that’s been fun and promises to be entertaining tomorrow, too.

I work all day tomorrow, but I’m going to try to hit 500k before I get to work, which means a very early morning. I don’t know if I can do it–the real trouble is getting up at 5am. It’s already 12:30am. I’m already dizzy with weariness (either that or my screen and the rest of the world have been tilting back and forth for the last three hours).

But this is it. This is the culmination of a month that has been a literal marathon. Whether you need 1,500 or 15,000 words more to reach your goal, you’ve got this. Your novel deserves your best effort, and you deserve to have a finished novel (or completed goal) after working so hard for so long.

Let’s do this.


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