NaNoWriMo17: Day 27

Three days left? Three days left!

I closed up shop today with a tad over 16k, which brings me up to about 454k. That’s 4k beyond what I needed to be at today (450k), so I’ll take it! Now 500k is getting so close I can almost taste it. And it is even more delicious than 400k was.

I didn’t get a lot of writing done until after work for one primary reason: I usually dictate on the way to and from work, then at lunch in my car. But I was legitimately laughing too hard at my characters to dictate at more than half my usual speed. The characters in Sky Lords, carried over from Angels of Ilesanzi, are so incredibly hilarious. As stated before many a time in this blog, I’m probably the only one who finds my writing humorous, but wow. I could hardly get a word out for snickering. They are the most irreverent, non-PC side of me and it is glorious.

I’m hoping for another 16k tomorrow; I’m canceling my usual walk with my mom to allow for more time. The only thing that gets equal priority with NaNo this week (work has a higher priority) is violin. I have committed to my very first violin recital in two weeks and I need to practice. So that alone has survived–all else has been tossed aside for focus later.

And I totally forgot to celebrate here in my last post: yesterday, I officially surpassed my previous highest NaNo word count of 425,524. And now I’m almost 30k ahead of that!

Good times, people. Write on!


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