NaNoWriMo17: Day 29


People, we have one day–I repeat, ONE DAY–left of NaNo. I’m not sure whether to laugh like a maniac or sob inconsolably.

After writing 20,102 (a beautiful and unintended palindrome!) today in spite of a full day at work, I’m up to 490k and some change. I know, it’s so tantalizingly close to 500k! You can’t imagine how many arguments I had with myself today on whether or not 30k was in the mix. (Obviously no. Self, you crazy.) I was actually blowing myself away with my own typing speed today: I was keeping a consistent 70+wpm speed over the course of 4 hours. It was insane. Tonight’s 15-minute word wars were slamming my usual 800-900 words into the dust, and I was routinely averaging between 1050-1200.

This story has actually been easy to write. (Thus far. That might change tomorrow.) There aren’t a lot of moving parts in it, which is a bit different from my normal stories, but because it’s a pantsed project, I know I’ll rewrite it anyway, so there is zero pressure to get the story perfect. Consequently, I’m having a blast with it. Crazy cannibal boy-king was introduced today (the last chapter I wrote), and I’m on the verge of the rising action, so that’s been fun and promises to be entertaining tomorrow, too.

I work all day tomorrow, but I’m going to try to hit 500k before I get to work, which means a very early morning. I don’t know if I can do it–the real trouble is getting up at 5am. It’s already 12:30am. I’m already dizzy with weariness (either that or my screen and the rest of the world have been tilting back and forth for the last three hours).

But this is it. This is the culmination of a month that has been a literal marathon. Whether you need 1,500 or 15,000 words more to reach your goal, you’ve got this. Your novel deserves your best effort, and you deserve to have a finished novel (or completed goal) after working so hard for so long.

Let’s do this.

NaNoWriMo17: Day 28

Ack! We’re literally in the last 48 hours, guys!

I managed to get 16k out again today, which digs into my buffer by about 650 words, but I’m cool with that, as I am now sitting at a little over 470k. I’m still ahead of schedule by about 3.5k, and everything has been cancelled this week for NaNo, so time should not be an issue.

This new story, Sky Lords, is coming along just fine. I was worried for a while yesterday about it, as last night it seemed to derail (90% pantsing, 10% planning on this particular project), but it derailed for the better, apparently, because it’s all actually tying in, even when I thought it wouldn’t. So yay for that! Just can’t wait for the cannibalistic boy-king to show up and the accompanying jokes and back-and-forth dialogue my MCs will have concerning him. I don’t think I’ll end up finishing the story by Thursday, but I’ll wrap it up in the beginning of December.

Tomorrow, I might try for 18k–that will cut down on what I need for Thursday, and I am so looking forward to validation. I also don’t want to try validating when the site is super busy with others entertaining the same thought, so the sooner I hit 500k, the better.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we begin our descent, please ensure your keyboards are in their full upright and non-caps-locked position. Check that your novel is securely backed up and all plot bunnies are stowed safely on the document in front of you or in your scratchpad notebook. Thank you.

NaNoWriMo17: Day 27

Three days left? Three days left!

I closed up shop today with a tad over 16k, which brings me up to about 454k. That’s 4k beyond what I needed to be at today (450k), so I’ll take it! Now 500k is getting so close I can almost taste it. And it is even more delicious than 400k was.

I didn’t get a lot of writing done until after work for one primary reason: I usually dictate on the way to and from work, then at lunch in my car. But I was legitimately laughing too hard at my characters to dictate at more than half my usual speed. The characters in Sky Lords, carried over from Angels of Ilesanzi, are so incredibly hilarious. As stated before many a time in this blog, I’m probably the only one who finds my writing humorous, but wow. I could hardly get a word out for snickering. They are the most irreverent, non-PC side of me and it is glorious.

I’m hoping for another 16k tomorrow; I’m canceling my usual walk with my mom to allow for more time. The only thing that gets equal priority with NaNo this week (work has a higher priority) is violin. I have committed to my very first violin recital in two weeks and I need to practice. So that alone has survived–all else has been tossed aside for focus later.

And I totally forgot to celebrate here in my last post: yesterday, I officially surpassed my previous highest NaNo word count of 425,524. And now I’m almost 30k ahead of that!

Good times, people. Write on!

NaNoWriMo17: Day 26

What a whirlwind of story-induced emotions today!

I didn’t hit the 20k I wanted for the day, but I’m still ahead of my 500k goal by about 5k words. I stopped at about 17k for the night, which brings me to 438k and some change.

I finished the last book in my quintet today. To say it was emotional is an understatement. I’m not an emotional person, but I’m fluctuating right now between joy and distress. I love those characters, and now the adventure I went on with them is over. Yes, I’ll have years of rewriting and editing ahead of me to look forward to (and I am excited for it), but it’s not the same kind of adventurous discovery that a first draft is. It’s like knowing that I’ll meet those people again, and we’ll talk and reminisce, but it will never again be the glory days of our younger selves.

So it’s a good thing that I have another novel I love up next! I started it tonight, literally seconds after writing “The End” for the quintet (and on the same document), and I’m glad I did. This new book is the sequel to Angels of Ilesanzi, a novel I wrote back in December 2015/January 2016 and completely rewrote for NaNo16 (the second version is much better). It’s a fantasy buddy-comedy, a mad story about three antiheroes who spend all their time trying to do the right thing the wrong way, and they’re hilarious. It’s always fun to visit with them, so I at least have them to distract me from the sadness of finishing the Cursed quintet.

As for the 50k weekend, I closed shop with 61.5k total, which isn’t too shabby. Onward to 500k!

NaNoWriMo17: Day 25

After being miserable with this cold all day and procrastinating on writing until almost 3pm, I managed to churn out 20.5k to get to 421k, 500 words beyond my goal and about 4k ahead of what I need for 500k.  It also puts me at a total of 44,500 words to go towards my 50k weekend. So woohoo for that! Not so much woohooing for this sickness.

The last couple of days, I have been using the My Word Sprints feature on the site. I think that this is new for this year (I don’t remember seeing it last year), and sometimes I invite people, sometimes I don’t. It’s been helpful to get me going. I usually do private 15-minute sprints, and instead of having to wait for :15 or :20 or some time like that, if I finish at, say, :11, I’ll just go back to the word sprints feature and start another one right after I update my word count. It shaves off several minutes of just waiting around for the next war to start, and those several minutes go a long way toward adding to my word count!

I’m also SO close to the end of this book. I mean “so” is relative–there is definitely another 10k words involved, and I’m thinking it will be closer to 20k. So maybe I’ll just aim to finish it tomorrow? Possibly. I might even drag it on beyond that–I don’t know that I’m ready to give it up yet!

I have church and violin lessons tomorrow (and I probably should go buy some food at some point, I guess), but I’m still going to pull for another 20k day. I won’t be too mad if I don’t make it, though. Hopefully I’m feeling better tomorrow, especially since I’m going to bed at as reasonable a time as half-past midnight. /sarc

Tomorrow is the last day of our final NaNo weekend! Bring on the words!

NaNoWriMo17: Days 23 & 24

First of all, happy belated Thanksgiving!

Second: 400k, baby!

I’d stop there except that I’m wordy and must explain myself. I had hoped for a minimum 20k day on Thursday. But family being what family is–and the joyous revival of game night–I only reached 16k. This was all right, because at least I didn’t fall behind except by a couple hundred words.

But that put me in a predicament. I was sitting at 376k. One does not simply sit 24k words away from 400k without getting it. It was too close to pass up. So after work today (I got off at 1pm), following a lovely lunch with my boss and coworker, a run to the (somewhat distant and sardine-packed) outlet mall (during the drive to which I dictated while navigating through invading hordes of snowbirds), and, finally when I returned home, a quick break to watch the second half of Quigley Down Under, I finally sat down at my computer and pounded those words out. I hit 400k with one minute to spare tonight, and that puts me on par for 500k again!

In other news, I am now legitimately sick–this allergy thing got massively worse as soon as I got home tonight (why I took that break), I was running a low-grade fever a couple days ago, and today I have cultivated a fine, raspy cough. I would complain, except it’s probably obvious to everyone that my outsize NaNo ambitions have compromised my health and led to this, so I’m just going to take it as par for the course.

As for tomorrow, I hope to complete book 4 for NaNo (book 5 in my quintet). I’m not sure if it will happen, though. I’m going for 20k tomorrow as part of a 50k weekend attempt (Fri-Sat-Sun), but I’m thinking it will be 30-40k before this sucker wraps up. We’ll see. I might just blow everyone up and call it a day.

Happy writing! Let’s start this final weekend of NaNo off with a bang (which may or may not indicate the blowing up of all your characters)!

NaNoWriMo17: Day 22

After leaving work at noon today, I managed to conquer 23k words, which brings me up to being only 6.5k behind schedule! Two hours of writing is all that makes the difference at this point. And with the holiday weekend only just having begun, I’m hopeful this success will continue forward as a streak. I’m at 360k right now. I can almost taste 400k (and it is delicious).

Thanksgiving will be full of food and people, and every year I take my laptop to whichever house we happen to be gathering at so I can get some words in. This year, however, my laptop is largely out of commission. (The screen hinges broke. The poor thing literally flops 180 degrees flat. Like a table. But the screen still works! Smart table?) I’ll try taking it over anyway–my sister, who’s hosting Thanksgiving, won’t mind, but I’ll have very limited places to set it up. For example, I can’t set it in my lap. So really then it’s just a floptop?

In any case, I’m going to shoot for 20k tomorrow. In 2015, I managed to write 22k on Thanksgiving, but I’ll be conservative-ish and hope for the best. One never knows with family get-togethers and floptops.

May you all have a fulfilling, festive, family-, food-, and fun-filled Thanksgiving! (Full of words, too.)

NaNoWriMo17: Day 21


I’m writing this at midnight, mind you, but I hit 17k today with five beautiful minutes to spare, so that brings me up to 337k total. It’s 1k less than I really wanted, but I didn’t fall behind any farther, and I managed to dent the slack with a few hundred more words.

I recognize that, at this point, I can validate for the month, but I’m going to push it as close to 500k as I can. I don’t want to lose motivation, and I prefer the green bar over the purple simply because green is my favorite color.

Tomorrow, I will only be working half a day, so I’m crossing my fingers for 20k (well, it’s hard to type when your fingers are crossed, so we’ll keep it figurative). I hit another good spot in this novel, and for once I actually don’t feel like I’m going to collapse, in spite of the hour. Not going to tempt fate, though, so I’m off to bed.

Happy writing, y’all!


NaNoWriMo17: Day 20

After an almost-17k day, I’m up to 320k, which keeps me 13.5k words behind. The good news is that it’s not yet 11:30pm, so I consider that an accomplishment.

Another great thing is that I will have an unexpected half-day off on Wednesday. This should give me enough time to start eating at that trailing number, and then I have Thanksgiving (historically a high word-count day for me) and a half-day on Friday, and then the weekend. For the first time in a week, I’m feeling (maybe prematurely) confident that the half-mill will be a breeze*.

And my favorite character has returned to the story in book 5 of the quintet! Of course, at this point he’s a brainwashed puppet, but that won’t last much longer. He’ll be back to rights within about 3000 words tomorrow, so yay for that.

All in all, a decent start to the week. I will be working to maintain and exceed my pace!

*Breeze is a relative term and should be used with caution. Any mention of “breeze” or “breeziness” does not indicate the absence of hard work, frustration, and ultimate despair. Please consult the This is Going Better Than I Hoped NaNo forum if you find yourself using this or similar terms in reference to writing.