Pre-NaNo Update

Wow, it’s hard to believe that NaNo is only 13 minutes away. I’m going to make this quick–though it’s good for warming up the fingers!

I’m committing to 250K this year after a lot of consideration, though when I wrote out my daily goal calendar, I actually totaled 400K. We’ll see where I end up. Somewhere in between is likely; if I get anywhere near 400K before the final week, I’ll probably pull out all the stops and go for the half million. We shall see. No commitment to that right now, but I’m feeling ambitious. Alas, I might not feel that ambitious three weeks from now.

For my own statistical amusement, I’ll be writing up a daily update here on the blog with my word count. I’m going to try to balance the craziness of NaNo with other important things in my life, like violin lessons, guitar lessons, exercise, and obligations to my local writing club. And work. Work is important, too.

What is your goal word count for NaNo17? Do you have any other goals you seek to accomplish this month? Write the world, everyone!