August Update

Camp NaNoWriMo has concluded, and I can assert it was a success. My goal was to write 50,000 words for the month, and I called it a night on the thirty-first at a total of 66,289. More importantly, however, was the reinforced discipline of writing 2,000 words a day.

While I’m unlikely to reach the million-word mark this year, I’m a person of ambition, and I’m going for 500,000 words written for 2017. My current goal for NaNo17 is 250,000 words, so this should be doable… even more so if I decide to go for the half million in November! It’s been a dream since 2015, but since 2016 was not a viable contender, the half mill has been pushed back. I’m making no promises, though. It’s too early to know if my November will be optimal for that.

Camp was also a great exercise in brainstorming for my next books. The Cursed trilogy (which started as a single book, morphed for fun into a duology, and has continued forth for the last two years as a trilogy) has now decidedly become the Cursed quintet. I also still like my tentative real title for the first book, so I think that might be here to stay. Maybe. Possibly. I’ve edited up to almost one hundred fifty pages of the first book, met my goal for July (to edit through chapter sixteen), and hope to use next week’s “writing sabbatical” to break through to at least to chapter twenty–hopefully beyond, as I’m guessing I’ll have completed chapters seventeen and most of eighteen this week. As it currently stands, there are thirty-five chapters, but one needs to be written yet. Overall, I think I’m looking at about 80-85k words for the first book, maybe a toss more.

In also awesome news, I’ve started taking official violin lessons! I’m so pumped. I’ve only had three lessons so far, but I am loving it. There is something so distinctly compelling and therapeutic about drawing a bow over the strings, even if the only sounds I make right now are strident and amateurish. I will prevail! And since I’m learning music as I go (alas, being able to play by ear has made me, over the years, too lazy to learn how to properly read music), it’s both a physical and a mental challenge. The very best kind! Exclamation points for everyone!

Reading–alas, so little time! I haven’t even burrowed into the fourth Throne of Glass book, even though it’s been two weeks since I finished the third. It’s not for lack of want that I haven’t been reading that much. It’s simply not a priority right now. *slaps self and sniffles* I’m one of those people who likes to stack my activities one on top of the other, and though I could make time to read, I often find myself giving that time over to writing or violin practice. Or just sitting with my dog. Because she’s awesome. And also she’s needy and vindictive and if I don’t give her attention, she does spoiled rotten things not tasteful for detailing here… jerk. I love that dog.

And so, to conclude what will otherwise become a rambling treatise on my affection for my canine, here’s some awesome music by Two Steps from Hell I’ve been listening to the entire time I’ve been writing this post, which you need to hear if you haven’t already, and if you have, you need to hear again:

Happy writing, everyone!