NaNoWriMo Days 17 & 18

*Shuffles feet on the ground, avoids eye contact*

So . . . how has everyone else been doing with writing so far? Okay, okay, I’ll come clean. Yes, I wrote on both the 17th and today, but in both cases, my contributions were a pittance. Between the two days, I managed to spit out only about 2,400 words.

I’m disappointed because I can always do better (in my brain, nothing is ever good enough, no matter the extenuating circumstances), but, honestly, I’m not mortified. This year simply is not my year for NaNo, and I haven’t been claiming it as such. Instead, I have been concentrating on maintaining a healthy balance of writing, work, outside obligations, and home. Yesterday, I only managed to write 1000 words because an outside obligation (and one I happily attended) kept me out unexpectedly until midnight. I could even have stayed later, but, you know, carriages and gowns and glass slippers and all that. I don’t have a glass slipper*, but I’d readily trade a charming prince for a pair of soft terrycloth slippers right about now.

Today–this evening in particular–I’ve been recovering from last night. Well, “recovering” might not be the right word for the determined lassitude pulling at my eyelids and numbing my brain, but that’s why I’m going to retire early (haha, 10:30PM, which is actually beyond “reasonable” in my view), and hopefully awake refreshed, revitalized, and reinvigorated upon the morrow. I’m not expecting a 10K day; 5K might not even happen. Home projects and tasks pile up on the weekends! Still, I’m determined to do what I can.

May your dreams be filled with story fodder and inspiration!

*Clarification: I do not have a wearable glass slipper, but I do own an actual glass slipper. It must not have been the premium version, though, because it didn’t come with a pumpkin carriage or talking mice.


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