The Great Balancing Act

Happy Memorial Day, and God bless all those who have served in the American Armed Forces. May we remember with respect and gratitude all that they sacrificed for our freedoms.

I grew up in a city famous for its ties to the circus, and lately I feel like I might actually be a part of a three-ring shebang. Between juggling about a thousand interests, tasks, and obligations and trying to balance on the great tightrope between work life and home life, I could probably at least qualify to be a clown. Continue reading


May Update

After the whirlwind of March, April began in a turmoil of emotions. I kept hitting block after block in a great many areas of my life. One of my most persistent struggles is time management, i.e. the desire to accomplish more things than that for which I have time. I don’t know about you, but I have about a thousand hobbies but only one real, all-consuming passion: writing. Continue reading

Making Your Characters Readers’ Friends

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m a plotter. When it comes to stories, the bulk of my brainstorming is devoted not just to “what happens” but the minutia of plot twists, the evolution of cause and effect, and ensuring that the plot is tight without being too predictable (disclaimer: I make no claim that I succeed in these endeavors).

When I was first starting to write serious, novel-length stories (or, at least, stories that were intended to be novel-length) in middle school, the way to accomplish this kind of plot-heavy story was by slapping stereotypical personalities on my characters. My stereotype of choice for the main character was almost always a kick-butt heroine. She would inevitably become the puppet operating within the context of my author-manipulated plots (what can you expect from a twelve-year-old?), a vehicle through which I could vicariously live to experience adventure. She was bland just for this reason. Continue reading