[Short Story] Mr. Red-Suit

I took a creative writing class in freshman year of college, and while I can’t say that I learned a great deal from it, it did force me to write out of my comfort zone. The following is the story I wrote for my final project. It is not autobiographical.

Mr. Red-Suit

An array of burgundies, midnight blues, holly greens, and virgin whites were scattered like holiday confetti throughout the church. Every type of person, bald newborns to balding seniors, was gathered for the festivities. Despite their overwhelming presence, it was obvious to me that something was missing.

Where was Mr. Red-Suit? Continue reading


The Right Goal

Happy Presidents Day! I’ve been a bit quieter the last couple of weeks as I work out a better schedule. So far, I’ve been improving when it comes to writing earlier in the evening and not having to stay up late, but I have been slacking off on a few of my other obligations!

As I edit my story, working title Cursed, it is very easy to overthink things. I had written up and considered publishing a blog post about how I had spent so much time considering whether or not I should gear the story more toward mid-grade or YA, how the direction that the story is taking is much better now that it fits with the thematic darkness of YA literature, or how modeling my stories after what is popular in teen fantasy might be a worthy exercise. Then I realized how silly that sounded. Continue reading

February 2016 Update

Usually time passes at a reasonable rate for me, but this past month felt like a year! So far, I’ve managed to finish one long and two short projects, and I have a slew of other ideas I’m planning to tackle in the coming weeks. My self-imposed challenge of 2000 words (70,115 in January), 15 minutes of reading, and 15 minutes of editing a day is coming along with gusto (as for reading, I’ve already accomplished 1881/5490 minutes, and that’s just January!).  Continue reading

The Dreaded Edit

I’ve read a lot of blogs and articles that lament the process of editing. The complaint may touch on the amount of work involved, or the inherent difficulty of the technical compared to the creativity of writing, or the author’s accrued frustration with his or her project, which makes the prospect of spending even more time on it in close quarters, noticing and pointing out all the errors and imperfections, unappealing.

You know, I’ve been there. There are some days when the thought of reviewing everything I’ve written and somehow making sense of the drivel is daunting at best, and other days I despair, fearing nothing of real quality lies beneath those half-formed thoughts scribbled on the screen. Continue reading