NaNoWriMo Day 29

Not sure how I did it, but I managed another 24k today, flying past 400k and bringing me up to 410k. I FINALLY validated my novel, and I must say that the shiny purple bar is lovely (and the new banner is nice, too!).

Things just flowed today. I’m still in physical pain (my muscles, especially in my abs and upper back, feel very bruised), but my brain and fingers were so desperate to write more. I’m enjoying all of the subplots in the story right now, and it’s marching ever closer to the massivehugeenormousterrible catalyst that rattles all of the subplots and brings them together. I’m thinking that the end of this book will feature that catalyst as the climax.

One more day of writing left, people! This is not a drill! Go, go, go!


NaNoWriMo Day 28

After a day of pretty much nothing but writing, I managed to pirouette past my previous daily record of 25k and end the night at 28k for the day, which brings me to 386k. Four hundred thousand is so close I can almost lick it (not that I want to. I imagine it might be a bit salty).

So I’m officially unofficially increasing my word count goal from 400k (which is up from 333,333k, my original goal) to 415k. Because that would be over 100k more than last year’s tally, and because I’m crazy. Why do you ask?

I’m actually starting to look forward to the end of NaNo. I can’t wait for days when I can sleep and read and go to the gym and generally function like a normal human being (well, as normal as I can be, all things considered). I’ll still write 2k a day, but an hour of writing is a far cry from 15+ hours on the weekends, or 6+ during the weekdays.

Today, as a “break” from writing–what is this break of which you speak?–I put the tree skirt over our Christmas tree stand. That is the extent of my holiday decorating so far. Very festive, I know. I imagine that I’ll start working on the thing after the gym on Tuesday, then slowly Christmas-bomb the house with the rest of the decorations as the holiday draws nearer.

Anyone else delaying their holiday decorating in favor of devoting more time to NaNo?

NaNoWriMo Day 27

Today’s 15k+ brings me up to 358k, and I’m well on track for 400k by my estimation. I started today on Book V of the Long Story, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it’s going so far. Of course, tomorrow that may all change (my regard for my writing is very fickle), but in the meantime, I’m rejoicing.

I compiled all of Books I through IV, primarily because I wanted to see what my word/page count was at, and partially because I’m trying to keep them all together. I ran the stats, and this is what came up:

ISsagawordcountbooks1-4 copy

What are the odds that the word count would come to 884,884? I haven’t checked the total since about 750k and had no idea it would be such a cool number! It’s not an important milestone or anything, but the serendipity of it tickles me. (Also . . . 900,000 spaces? No wonder the space bar is worn down on my computer!)

NaNoWriMo Day 26 (AKA Happy Thanksgiving!)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! The weather here was perfect: low to mid-seventies, just blustery enough to be comfortable without blowing one away, and gleaming with sunshine. I truly could not have asked for a more beautiful day. . . .

. . . which I spent largely indoors, alas, but such is the sacrifice required for NaNo!

I’m quitting “early” tonight (it’s 11:42pm) with a little over 22k words for the day, which brings me to 342,454 words, or, more excitingly, about 17k words ahead of schedule and 9k words over my original goal of 333,333 words. I think I can handle that.

I’ve also finished Book IV of the Long Story, and will commence Book V on the morrow. Things are really heating up now, and I’m starting to lose the detail of my outlining, so we’ll see where the story ends up by the time NaNo concludes.

I forgot to commemorate a milestone: yesterday, I beat my previous record for a single month of writing (NaNo14 was my old best with 311,113 words). Much confetti is being thrown at the moment, and much pie was had this day.

Let’s push through these last few days and surprise ourselves with resounding success!

NaNoWriMo Day 25

Short post today, as I’m wiped. Managed 10k in spite of the 4+ extra freelance hours I had to put in, which brings me up to 320k. I’m hoping for a 20k day tomorrow, which will put me 15k ahead of schedule and make 400k that much easier to achieve by the 30th.

Good night, all!

NaNoWriMo Day 24

Wow, the days are flying by now. Today was a rough day time-wise, as a project for my part-time gig came up kind of last minute. I ended up spending three hours working on that project (and have another two hours to go on it tomorrow), so I had to really fight tonight for 10k, though I was hoping (before the job came up) for 15k. Ah, well. I’m grateful to have work, and it’s work I enjoy!

My characters surprised me with an assassination attempt scene that was rollicking good fun to write. I wasn’t expecting anything like it to happen at all, but, alas, the characters got bored just sitting around and talking and the next thing I knew, the windows were shattering and they were being smoked out of the building. Fun stuff.

Happy writing, everyone! Only six days left: make them awesome!

NaNoWriMo Day 23

In spite of working full time and getting my eyes dilated today, I powered through 18k with a half hour to spare to bring me to that gorgeous, wonderful, radiant 300k (300,151 to be exact). Of course I had to chase it down! I was like that moth at the porch light on Pixar’s A Bug’s Life: “I can’t help it; it’s so beautiful!” Well, sans electrocution.

Even more awesome, I have officially written 1,000,884 words year-to-date as of tonight. That’s a full month+ ahead of goal! I would throw confetti if my wrists didn’t ache as much as they do after today’s high-velocity marathon. And if I had confetti. And if I didn’t have to clean it up after I threw it. Well.

Onward, my fellows, ever onward!

NaNoWriMo Day 22

I have learned that when it gets late at night, I tend to start doing math. Any kind of math, really. I’m not sure why, since math and I have a running relationship of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” and we’ve never been particularly friendly with each other.

This evening’s post-midnight mathematical exercise was to break down what I’m looking at to hit 400k by November 30. I need to write an average of 14,750 words a day for the final eight days, as I was able to spit out just under 18k today and bring my total tally to 282k (side note: I’m sick of the 200ks. They’re like the dreaded 20ks when you’re going for 50k. They’re awful).

I have to confess I’m a bit concerned, even though I’m 2k ahead of my schedule. My plan for this week really pushes me on certain days all in a row. I’ve slated myself for a 60k three-day marathon, which I’ve never done before, and one of those days is a half-day of work. There can be no contingency, as my contingency plans all involve sacrificing sleep, which I desperately need.

Failure is not an option. This is the final week of NaNo, and it’s time to make it count. 120k in 8 days? Totally. This is going to happen. Let’s do this, people!

*cue Final Countdown by Europe*